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Full Stack Software Developer @ RBCVentures with a love for new learnings, both rustic and shiny. Mainly backend + devOps.

It can be easy for software application developers to focus solely on app development, without ever understanding the underlying infrastructure the application is actually built upon.

This is Part 1 of a series that will take a look at useful services provided by AWS for software applications. Each article will dive into a particular service and highlight how this knowledge can be helpful for application developers on both a technical and theoretical level. This article will focus on the CI/CD pipeline, and how CodeDeploy as a service works.

So what is CI/CD?

CI/CD stands for “Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment”, and it is an integral part…

I originally did my undergrad studies in Fine Arts. Fast forward a couple of entertaining years, and now I’m a salaried full stack developer. How did that even happen?

Let’s face it: the world of software is in a constant state of change. This means that at any point, someone can enter this world as a junior developer and genuinely flourish. It is my core belief that technology favours those who take a witty, gritty, and hardworking approach to their everyday life. …


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